Sunday, April 23, 2017
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Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow’s LDC...Where’s the Development?

Sleepy Hollow’s Local Development Corporation (LDC) is the owner of 27 acres of land referred to as the East Parcel of the former General Motors site. The lion’s share of the site is rigorously being developed by Edge-on-Hudson, with fill being delivered from barges and trucks along with the demolition of the entire existing concrete base.

By comparison, the Chairman of the LDC, David Schroedel, has requested an extension from the Sleepy Hollow Planning Board for beginning to bring in fill.  On January 19, the Board granted a one-year extension to Mr. Schroedel, who was initially granted approval for fill in January of 2016. 

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The Big Dig… Edge-on-Hudson

If one were to compare the activity at Sleepy Hollow’s Edge-on-Hudson site to a ship at sea, “full speed ahead” would be appropriate. The temporary bridge crossing over the railroad tracks on Beekman Avenue has been completed.  The reinforcement of the bridge has allowed trucks to proceed to and from the site bypassing an alternative route through Tarrytown.  Within the next sixty days the entire site will have seen demolition work of the concrete base, and not just Phase 1.

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Phelps Hospice: More Than I Could Ever Have Imagined

In September 2015, my husband, David Kornreich, and I arrived at the oncologist’s office for what was to be the beginning of his chemotherapy treatments. David asked the doctor, “Given my current condition, what are the chances that chemo would be successful?” She said, “About twenty percent.” We looked at each other and agreed that those were lousy odds. He declined the therapy, knowing full well what that meant.

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In Sleepy Hollow…Opening the Open Door

River Journal has covered the Open Door Family Medical Center in Sleepy Hollow for many years, as it sought to move from its 80 Beekman Avenue address to 300 North Broadway. That move initially met with resistance from the Village Board of Trustees and the Planning Board, who recognized that zoning laws and a paucity of parking could not accommodate the increased size of the new building’s footprint nor the medical uses Open Door had requested.

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The Old Dutch Church

At this time of the year, when historic sites in the river towns take on the specter of All Hallows Eve, it is fitting to remember the church that lies at the heart of Washington Irving’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The Old Dutch Church, a Registered National Historic Landmark listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is the oldest standing church in New York State. It attracts over 20,000 visitors a year who come to the church and walk the burying grounds to discover ancestors or reacquaint themselves with the sites and stories critical to the history of New York:

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