Sunday, April 23, 2017
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Briarcliff Manor

In Briarcliff... Pavilion Pushes Forward

A major and highly visible threshold recently appeared over Briarcliff Manor’s Law Park Pavilion as it received its new “backbone.” Following the near-total destruction of the iconic Pavilion at the heart of Briarcliff’s recreation facilities in December 2015, there is now a new truss and roof system being painstakingly reset.  Village Manager Phil Zegarelli stated that the rebuilding is slated for completion in early May 2017, ahead of the traditional Memorial Day opening of the Village’s pool and park facilities.

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In Briarcliff…Park & Pavilion Restoration Underway

With $1.9M in insurance money from the fire loss of Briarcliff’s Pavilion, plus another $800,000 allotted by the Mayor and Board of Trustees, rebuilding and restoration is underway at Law Memorial Park. A contract has been signed and work has begun. The Board of Trustees, along with residents, will see a new pavilion with the familiar look of the one set ablaze almost a year ago last December. According to Village Manager, Philip Zegarelli, “The Village’s psyche will be renewed,” with the rebuilding and other efforts in place to create a new environment in the Park.

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Planning & Looking Ahead in Briarcliff

On Wednesday, October 5th about 40 people attended a meeting at the Community Center in Briarcliff Manor hosted by the Mayor and Board of Trustees. Attending were residents, business owners and their landlords. They were there to listen to and comment about what the Village government sees as the potential to make its streetscape more appealing and to consider new building over the existing one-story business district along Pleasantville Road. Briarcliff has hired BFJ planners from New York City for $25,000 to do an initial assessment of what exists in the Village Business District and what can be done to make the District better.

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What If…Briarcliff Manor Could be a Village and a Town

Every village in New York State has to exist within the boundaries of a township. For the Village of Tarrytown that is the Town of Greenburgh. For the Village of Sleepy Hollow it’s the Town of Mount Pleasant. For the Village of Briarcliff Manor it’s both the Town of Mount Pleasant and the Town of Ossining. Ten percent of Briarcliff Manor is within Mount Pleasant and ninety percent is within Ossining.

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In Briarcliff Manor…A Complete Community Center

What started out as a one-floor meeting room has morphed into a testament to dialogue, creativity and thinking “big thoughts.” Briarcliff Manor’s Community Center, when fully completed around Labor Day, will serve more functions than one can count on their fingers. It will accommodate 80 people on its first floor and 110 people on its second.

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