Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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November 2018 Education Roundup

Once again, our schools are creating ever-evolving ways to help our students grow and develop. A new flexible learning space sparks creativity and engagement. A program in yoga and mindfulness helps children balance mind and body and deal with life’s stresses. Painting a mural that focuses on pride in who we are and celebrates diversity gives students a sense of accomplishment and improves their sense of self.

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Education Roundup - September 2018

If you’re wondering, “Where or where did the summer of 2018 go?” – you’re not alone – seems we blinked and poof, it was gone! Fortunately, the students and teachers at our schools know exactly where it went and how well the brief time was spent as they found creative and innovative ways to keep the learning going strong and have tons of fun in the process.

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Onwards & Upwards…to a new school year

Most of us would not want to go back to eighth grade for any reason.  It was around then that I was described by a cute boy on my block as “pretty, I guess, in her own way.”  Ouch.  I think I did grow out of that description at some point, but still, ouch.

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