Thursday, January 18, 2018
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December 2017 Education Roundup

If you ever thought November and December were quiet times at Westchester’s schools, think again! Our campuses are well aware of the urgent need to gift tomorrow’s leaders not just with holiday goodies, but with the tools they’ll need to better understand and manage our increasingly complex world, one that demands strong and broad-based skills, global understanding, and ample doses of empathy and compassion.

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November 2017 Education Roundup

Westchester educators clearly are a savvy group. They grasp fully that true learning can never come from study and homework alone, but from first-hand experience. From trekking through a forest, collecting data or setting sail on the Hudson, writing to soldiers across the world, or playing – literally – with words, students in our schools discover lessons for themselves inside and outside classrooms. The teachers’ hard work shows results in the growing numbers of students whose probing intellects and diligent work not only make us all proud, but carry the potential to make the world a better place for the future generations.

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Masters’ Signature Programs Continue to Grow

The Masters School is an independent day and boarding school for grades 5–12 that empowers independent thinkers through active intellectual exploration. Located on 96 beautiful acres, the School embraces a diverse and vibrant convergence of ideas, cultures, arts and athletics. Masters students confidently find their own voices, take risks, develop their talents and emerge ready for success in college, career and life. Further distinguishing the school are its three signature programs:  the Ethical Leadership Project, the Innovation, Engineering and Entrepreneurship Programs, and the Global Studies Program.

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