Monday, October 22, 2018
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Business Spotlight: Rivertown Pilates

Rivertown Pilates is a boutique Studio located on Main Street in Tarrytown. Having enjoyed a small expansion and mini remodel in the last six years in business, we cater to students’ individual needs, limitations and goals.  The benefit of a small group setting over larger Studios is vast.

Benefits of small classes or personal training:

1. Personal attention from the teacher – In a smaller class the teacher can see when you are out of alignment or need more support and attention on a particular exercise.

2. Faster improvement in a smaller class – The instructor has the ability to remember individual strengths and weaknesses and can monitor specifically in a smaller group setting.

3. Quality of class – Continued education and trying to update and improve the classes and class structure has made a massive difference in the quality of the class, as the teacher has to pay more attention to each person and their specific abilities and goals in a smaller class setting.

4. Relationship building between teacher and class – This means open communication necessary to achieving your goals and feeling comfortable it an exercise regimen.

5. Greater focus for you – In a small class you can’t hide or get away with “checking out” or doing nothing!

6. More fun – There is great rapport in class creating camaraderie, and often class members become friends. Having a buddy builds better habits!

7. Accountability – In a smaller class everyone remembers who was there, so you become accountable to attend each week and more likely to develop a regular routine, which is beneficial when looking to strengthen and change your body.

8. You are more likely to stay motivated during class. Smaller settings, allow for more focus. The less people, the more intimate the setting. The more focus, the greater your achievement.

9. Less injury – Larger classes may lead to an injury as the teacher can’t see if you doing the exercise precisely. Precision, in Pilates, is key if you expect to learn the discipline and see any change.

10. If confused you are more likely to ask a question and check on the exercise in a smaller class.

Please visit our website at: to set up for FREE 30 min Trial lesson.

Ceres Opanowski

Rivertown Pilates, Inc.

37 Main Street, Suite 2

Tarrytown, NY 10591

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