Sunday, April 23, 2017
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A Balancing Act: Saving for Retirement & College

Are you faced with the dilemma of saving for your own retirement while at the same time trying to put money away for a child’s college education? How do you pursue both goals? How do you determine which is more important or what path to take?

If this hard choice sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

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Tax-Related Identity Theft Primer

Filing a tax return can be a stressful task for anybody. Assembling the data to submit to your tax preparer (if you are not a do-it-yourselfer), making sure that all the income is reported properly and making sure all available allowable deductions are taken can be very nerve wracking. Whether you will owe and how much on April 15th can be extremely worrisome. However, imagine receiving a call from your tax preparer that your return can’t be filed because a return with your Social Security Number has already been filed. I know how that feels because I’ve had to inform clients of that exact occurrence, on more than one occasion.

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Financial Planning

Remember, hope is not a viable strategy…you must plan for your goals.  Wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2017!

1. Create emergency savings.  Life is full of unexpected emergencies, and having extra cash on hand can help keep a serious illness, home repair, or other sudden financial need from derailing your finances. Prepare for unpredictable expenses by putting aside 6 months of expenses in an easily accessible cash-equivalent account.  

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Better Homes and Gardens® Rand Realty’s Sandra “Sandy” Strohm Has Settled into Briarcliff Manager Position

Back in May, Better Homes and Gardens® Rand Realty announced Sandra “Sandy” Strohm as the new manager of their office in Briarcliff Manor, New York. Strohm came to Rand Realty from Houlihan Lawrence, where she held many positions over the years, including salesperson in Yorktown, assistant manager in Chappaqua and Armonk, and director of corporate relocation in Rye Brook.

Strohm is a recent graduate of the MAESTRO™ program, a three-part leadership course taken by real estate branch sales managers of major brokerages from across the country.

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