Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Then & Now

December, 1997.  New local paper.  Coincidentally, it’s also the month I moved into Sleepy Hollow, having moved to Westchester a few years before.  I worked in Rockland and made that commute across the Tappan Zee Bridge for eight years.  So much has happened in twenty years, including of course, the building of a new Hudson River crossing and the start of the removal of the old TZB.  At some point during my time here in the sister towns that feed the TUFSD, I remember the announcement that minority students had become the majority in the classrooms, solidifying our reputation as a district of diversity.

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Midwifery Practice Joins Phelps Medical Associates

Full Circle Women’s Health, the midwifery practice based in Harrison, is entering a new chapter in its 15 years of service. The practice will expand under Phelps Medical Associates, a member of Northwell Health’s medical group, Northwell Health Physician Partners. With this new union comes a new name, Northwell Health Physician Partners Phelps Medical Associates Midwifery. This is the largest midwifery program to join a full-service hospital system.

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Not a Word...Let Alone a Touch

In recent months there have been scores of accusations of sexual misconduct by famous, rich, and/or powerful men.  A social media movement labeled #metoo identified victims of outright violent rape and other sexual assault, unacceptable sexual harassment by those in power, all the way to accounts of being whistled at, flirted with, or ogled on the street.  While sexual assault or using your power to coerce someone into sexual activity is NEVER acceptable, where is the line on what is abuse, misconduct, assault, or harassment, and is it in the eye of the beholder? 

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Healthy Life Series in November at Phelps Hospital

Phelps Hospital’s Healthy Life series offers the community a wide range of programs on health-related subjects as well as numerous health screenings and support groups. All events are free and take place on the Phelps campus, 701 N. Broadway in Sleepy Hollow unless otherwise noted. The Phelps Healthy Life Calendar for November follows:

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